On Site Laundry for Residents Only

On Site Laundry Facility
The On Site Laundry

On Site Laundry for Residents Only

Our clean, convenient laundry with commercial machines. is next door to the office at 1010 Kennedy Avenue. It’s easy to find, easy to use, and is for our residents only.

We also have residents in townhomes and duplexes with full-size washer/dryer hookups who are welcome to enjoy the convenience of our commercial laundry. It’s likely that when residents with their own laundry equipment need to us the laundry facility it will probably be on catch-up laundry days.

We Love our Neighbors but…

Y’all have to wash your clothes somewhere else. Like the Edmond Laundromat at 317 E 2nd Street, about five minutes away. They don’t seem to have a website, but you can see photos and reviews on Yelp. That’s just the closest one and may not be the best option, but they do have more machines which is good for our neighbors to use if their machines are busy.

Please report to management if you see people walking laundry back and forth across the street . They know they’re not supposed to use our machines. They have their own machines. Also please keep our laundry door closed and locked, and don’t give out the lock combination. It’s for your use, not the neighbors. Thank you.

On Site Laundry Commercial Machines

Please remember to not overload the washing machines. That could cause a motor or belt to burn out, as can happen with any clothes washer if you overload it. Please wash your large bulky items, like sleeping bags or a heavy quilt, in a local laundromat with double-load commercial machines like the one mentioned above. There are definitely other laundromats in town. That’s just the closest one but may not be your best option.

On Site Laundry for Catch-up Laundry Days

Our two-bedroom townhomes and all duplexes include washer/dryer hookups, and many residents use their own laundry machines. Even so, every resident is welcome to use our on-site laundry. It’s a big help for catch-up laundry days.

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We provide ample free off street parking for our Residents across all six floor plans.