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Occupancy Standards

Standard Occupancy and Maximum Occupancy Explained

The more people who live in a residence, the more services they use and the faster the carpet, paint, appliances, parking lot etc are worn out and need to be replaced or repaired. Especially when there are more adults.

Children are not able to pay their own way, but adults are, and so we charge more rent for more adults in a particular residence above a certain number we call “standard occupancy”.

Common Industry Practice

Hotels, inns and motels do the same thing. Their rates are based on the number of adults in a particular room or suite.

Occupancy Summary

  • One Bedroom homes: No occupancy charges for the maximum 2 persons.
  • Two Bedroom homes: Occupancy charges for 3-4 persons may apply.
  • Three Bedroom homes: Occupancy charges for 4-6 persons may apply.

Something nice to consider is that as the number of adults increases, the amount each individual pays decreases.

Occupancy Details

Standard occupancy is the regular number of persons in a given number of bedrooms within a residence. Additional persons may occupy the residence up to the maximum number of occupants allowed.

Standard occupancy for a one-bedroom home is up to 2 persons, for a two-bedroom home it’s also up to 2 persons, and for a three-bedroom residence standard occupancy is up to 3 persons.

Maximum occupancy for a one-bedroom home is 2 persons. Maximum occupancy for a two-bedroom home is 4 persons, and for a three-bedroom home maximum occupancy is 6 persons.

18 Years or Older

For each 18-year or older person over standard occupancy there is an increase in the monthly rent and security deposit.

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