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How Can We Help You? Let Us Know How We're Doing
How Can We Help You? Kennedy Place Residents are always welcome to contact us and let us know how we can help, write an online review, or tell us how we’re doing. We want your feedback. All comments are appreciated.


For a medical, fire or police emergency call 911.

Other Emergencies — Call the Emergency Number

Call the emergency phone (405) 875-2973 and leave a descriptive voicemail for any emergency so we can promptly address the problem.

Non-Emergency Services

For non-emergency services, during business hours please call the office or stop in and have our staff input your work-order request into the property management system.

Service & Contact Details Please

Whether you call us or write using the form below, please describe as best you can why you’re contacting us. For example: Instead of saying something like “running water” let us know what that means. A gushing burst pipe? A slow stream? And where it’s running. In the bathtub down the drain? Onto the floor? The more details, the better we can help you.

Please also include your name, apartment number, contact phone number, and anything else you think will help us understand how to best respond to your needs.

How Are We Doing?

If you’re happy with our service, tell a friend. If not, please tell us by using the form below. Your message will be read by our office staff and the property owner.

All comments are appreciated.

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