New Website Update

Development of the new website is going well. There’s always more to do than meet the eye in the early stages, but that’s to be expected. And when things fall into place, it’s very rewarding.

The new layout is blocked out, some major graphics are done, page templates are done, and several new pages have been built with lots of filler text, sometimes called dummy text, known as Lorem Ipsum. You can look it up if you want. There’s an extensive Wikipedia page on Lorem Ipsum, as Wikipedia tends to do, and there is even a “Lipsum generator” to fill your own draft pages with if you want.

The bottom line here is, the new website is going to be great. All the better to represent the Kennedy Place community of nice, comfortable townhomes, duplex homes, and apartment homes. You’ll like what you see in the new website and our rental homes.

The next blog post will be at Launch. We have yet to choose a new host and are comparing several hosts feature by feature. When that happens, the site will be moved there and checked out before Launch. Then when all is well, it will go Live. Ten years plus in the making and worth every bit of effort.